Our task is keeping the world healthy
We are equipped with Highly advanced machinery to operate Angiography.
Doctor's with wide experience in treating Asthama paitents.
It is nearly 7000-8000 years old science mainly connected with human body, human care, human health.
We have Specialised Cardiologist Surgeon.
Each Child is treated with great care. We provide all type of Vaccines for child's. Proper chart is maintained for individuals
dental dpt1_service
We have specialized Dentist with highly equipped machines used for dental check up or surgery.
We have specialized team for Ear, Nose and Throat department.
eye dpt1
All sorts of cataract operations are performed in the local premises.
homeopathy dpt_service
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We have qualified Gynaec doctors.
The real Strength in the body comes from pure, purified, healthy blood. Blood undertakes system, programmes, clinical treatment, treating the blood diseases & making the patients physically strong & mentally happy.
We have a team of highly qualified and experience Homeopathic doctors. An alternate medicine for allopathy with no side effects.
Highliy qualified Neuro Surgeons.
orthopeadic department 2_service
Highly qualified Orthopaedic surgeons are available.
In the present system of life & following modern medical system in treating almost all types of diseases Medical Practitioners advise the patient to go for various types of Blood Tests, Clinical Tests, Diagnostical Tests, etc.
physiotherapy dpt1_service
Highly qualified Physiotherapists.
skin dpt 1_service
All types of Skin issues are resolved here.
sonography 1_service
We are equipied with the latest technology sonography machines.
Male thyroid anatomy
We have highly qualified expert doctors who treats the patient for Thyroid and Diabetes.
xray dpt_service
We are equipped with Advance Digital X-Ray machines.
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